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Fully Automated Grain Handling Solutions

The Screen

Our grain handling systems come with options for a 17 or 24″ screen (the largest on the market), which gives you a total view of your entire operation and makes navigating the screen simple. We take the guess work out of it by having the control system superimposed over a top down view of your bins. This design is simple and to the point, and makes it easy for any user to get exact control over the system. Check out the functionality of the system with our partners Electram

 Grain Handling System Walk-Through

The System

Each system has fully automated unload, reclaim, recycle, and blend functionality. When set to unload or reclaim, remote start/stop stations located by the unload pits will allow truckers to pull up and unload/load their truck with the click of a button. This functionality saves valuable man hours during harvest, and helps you quickly get your grain to the elevator when the time comes. 

Our grain handling systems can be fully integrated with your aeration system, and can be set to cycle your fans at the most opportune times to maximize the efficiency of your farm. With remote access to your system through your phone or anywhere you have a web browser, you can always be in sync with what is happening at your site. 

With variable speed motors on the reclaim end of each bin, the blend function is where our system truly shines. This option allows you to blend some of your tough grain with grain that is more dry, at any percentage you wish. This will allow you to maximize the return on the yield of your harvest and can save on dockage at the elevator. 


Quality Electric can be a one-stop solution for all your agricultural needs. With full electrical install, commissioning, and remote or  in-person technical support, you can feel assured that purchasing a system through us will guarantee nothing but the best service. With remote access to each system we install, we are able to log in and see what’s going on with your system from anywhere in the world. Servicing Canada and the Northern US, Quality Electric also offers fly-in service to ensure that someone is always readily available to offer technical assistance should the need arise. 

Being located in the heartland of Alberta, Quality Electric is proud to have provided many years of dedicated service to the farmers in our area. It is farms big and small, like the ones out our back door, that are the backbone of our economy and our identity as Albertans. We are glad to have had the opportunity to provide our services to fellow Albertans over the last decade, and look forward to many more years working together.

Call today to see what Quality Electric has to offer you and your farm.

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